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"Whether you're in California or the Carolinas, Arkansas or Alabama, Michigan or Mississippi, all expectant mothers should have access to the highest quality prenatal information feeling fully empowered through knowledge on pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum, to prevent avoidable trauma - and that's what we do here at MotherWise: We change outcomes."


First Trimester modules, discussing everything from understanding your estimated due date, to ultra scans and morning sickness remedies.

Second trimester modules broken down into “The Early Second Trimester”, “The Mid Second Trimester” and “The Late Second Trimester”. These modules discuss the best time to stop work during a pregnancy, newborn discussions, postnatal, preparing for breast feeding and much more.

Third Trimester modules broken down into “29-30 weeks gestation”, “31-33 Weeks Gestation”, “34-25 weeks gestation”, “Almost Term”, “Fully Term” and “Post EDD, Fully Term”. These modules discuss over 100 topics you will need to know. Subjects include, maternal exercise and nutrition, epidural knowledge, boosting breastmilk supply and more.


Kathy Fray is a best-selling maternity author, senior Midwife, and award-winning global thought-leader on Perinatal Integrative Healthcare.

Modules in Detail

Module 01 - The First Trimester

    • Meet Kathy Fray (midwife, motherhood author, and global thought-leader on perinatal integrative medicine)
    • Understanding the EDD (Estimated Due Date)
    • When a Dating Scan is appropriate
    • First Booking Blood tests
    • First Prescriptions you should receive
    • Morning Sickness remedies
    • Signs & Symptoms of UTIs (Urinary Tract Infections)
    • The Foods you may think you can eat but shouldn’t – and the Foods you may think you shouldn’t eat but actually can.
    • Optional 12-week Ultrasound Scan screening for Down’s Syndrome+
    • Optional Amnio (Amniocentesis) diagnostic testing
    • The vital “Rest>Active>Rest Sandwich” of Pregnancy
    • The Five “S”s of the Maternity Journey
    • Natural Essentials to include in your Household First-Aid Kit
    • Pregnant During a Pandemic Guidelines – the “new normal” of the ‘right’ amount of face-to-face vs virtual interaction with your Midwife/Obstetrician & Sonographer/Radiographer modified to best protect you against COVID-19 community transmission.

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Module 02 - The Early Second Trimester

  • What you need to Know & Do at 14-17 week’s gestation
  • The 18-20 week Anatomy Ultrasound Scan
  • Pre-planning for the “best” time to stop work during a pregnancy
  • Benefits of Hypnobirthing (“meditative labor”)
  • Five most random but useful things to know about Newborns
  • Introductory overview to MotherWise and all our many free resources and optional services

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Module 03 - The Mid Second Trimester

  • What you need to Know & Do at 20-24 week’s gestation
  • Birth facility visitations
  • Overview of postnatal and breastfeeding prep
  • Preventing future sibling rivalry (if you have a pre-schooler)
  • Next set of Prenatal bloods
  • Gestational Diabetes glucose screen checks and GTT diagnostic tests
  • Signs & Symptoms of pre-term Obstetric Emergencies
  • Introduction to the 4 x Stages of Childbirth (& the 3 x Phases of Labor)
  • Risks vs Benefits of Non-Hospital vs Hospital Birthing
  • Introduction to Maternal-Fetal Prenatal Bonding
  • Overview of Neonatal Screens (eg, APGARs, Physical exam & Guthrie heel-prick test)

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Module 04 - The Late Second Trimester

  • What you need to Know & Do at 26-28 week’s gestation
  • BONUS CONTENT – Kathy’s incredible 90-min ORGANIC BIRTH video – watch with all your Birth Support Person(s) as many times as you wish, including receiving Kathy’s ORGANIC BIRTH guide booklet download for all your Birth Support crew. This video is extraordinarily comprehensive – it’s a LOT to take in – but you will be left feeling educated, excited and empowered! Kathy covers off everything regarding the Labor & Birth, of course including natural ways to manage the pain of contractions.
  • Signs & Symptoms of Pre-Eclampsic Toxaemia
  • Actively managed delivery of placenta vs Physiological birthing of the placenta
  • Overview of Cord-Cutting (who & when)
  • Optional keeping of the Placenta (eg for encapsulation)
  • Overview of Newborn Vitamin-K
  • Overview of Newborn Hearing Screen
  • Introduction to 3rd Trimester partus preparatus Complementary Therapies
  • Understanding the “normal” of Newborn Poo (black tar, guacamole and paw-paw mustard)
  • Newborn Weird & Wonderful Skin Things (incl Vernix caseosa, Lanugo, Skull moulding, Milk spots, Harlequin circulation, Birthmarks, Cradle cap, Nappy-rash, Oral thrush).

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Module 05 - 29-30 Weeks’ Gestation

  • What you need to Know & Do at 29-30 week’s gestation
  • Overview of Maternal exercise/nutrition
  • Overview of post-birth Maternal checks
  • The Day-1-Baby Heirloom Layette
  • Signs & Symptoms of an Unwell Newborn
  • Health benefits for exclusively-breastfed Babies
  • Potential need for pre-labor Anaesthetic consultation review
  • Overview of the Baby’s 4th Trimester
  • High-risk needs for repeat Gestational Diabetes testing
  • Breastfeeding Bras & Lactation Clothing
  • One-hour educational video on Pharmaceutical Labor Pain Analgesia explanations incl Nitrous Oxide gas, Opioid options & Epidurals
  • Full explanation of optional Newborn Delayed Cord Clamping
  • Full explanation of optional Newborn Vitamin-K injections/orals
  • The “Four Mountains” every expectant mother-to-be needs to know is ahead of her
  • Molecule differences & Health statistics of BreastMilk vs Formula

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Module 06 - 31-33 Weeks’ Gestation

  • What you need to Know & Do at 31-33 week’s gestation
  • Review of Hypnobirthing (meditative labor)
  • Naturopathic “partus preparatus” prelabor Medical Herbal supplements
  • Birth-Plan consensual decisions
  • Ultrasound Growth Scans
  • Top-10 Essentials to fine-tuning your readiness for Childbirth
  • Epidurals – and understanding the science behind why they lead to so many C-Sections
  • Understanding what impacts and why during the Medicalized “cascade of intervention” vs the Physiological “cascade of normalcy”.
  • Ripening (preparing) your Cervix for Dilatation
  • The dynamics of picking your best Birth Support Person(s)
  • Artificial Rupture of Membranes (understanding when it is and isn’t appropriate to have your “waters broken”)
  • The Four Maternal Commitments to ensuring your give your Newborn its best possible 4th Trimester.
  • Seven Natural Ways to boost your Breastmilk Supply

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Module 07 - 34-35 Weeks’ Gestation

  • What you need to Know & Do at 34-35 week’s gestation including: Final Due-Date To-Do Check-List, Birth Support Person(s) readiness, Cultural/religious birth traditions, Birth-Plan, management of Postnatal Home-Help, overview of Postnatal Exercise, overview of Contraception options, Signs & Symptoms of Maternal Postpartum infections (eg puerperal sepsis & breast mastitis), Signs & Symptoms of Postnatal Depressive Disorders, final pregnancy Blood-tests, and potential Group-B-Strep check.
  • Optimal Fetal Positioning
  • Bonding with Baby – honey did you pack the super-glue?
  • Why They Cry – Understanding the Secrets of Newborn Body-Sign Language
  • Postnatal Day-1 – What you need to Know & Do in the first 24 hours: Neonatal Wellbeing incl baby-care assessments of feeding, respiration, output (meconium & urine), newborn Crying, and avoiding Neonoatal Hypothermia (newborn cold-stress). Maternal Wellbeing incl Labor-Birth debrief, Uterine involution, Blood loss, Breasts + Nipples, Perineum + sutures/wound, Nutritional needs, and knowing when to call for Emergency assistance. Breastfeeding assessment incl assistance, guidance, advice,promotion & support of baby’s nutritional needs, colostrum, hand-expressing, and Day-1 vs Day-2 newborns.
  • Postnatal Day-2 – What you need to Know & Do at 40-70 hours: Neonatal Wellbeing incl baby-cares, feed-feed-feed impulse, urine/bowel output, umbilicus belly-button cord-flare, conjunctivitis sticky pink-eye, newborn Hearing screen, Guthries heel-prick metabolic screen, and SUDI/SIDS/CotDeath. Maternal Wellbeing incl Observations (BP-Temp-Pulse), Lochia vaginal discharge, Womb fundal height, pending Baby Blues, when are your “clinically ready” for discharge home, and the goal of successfully establishing Breastfeeding.
  • Identifying the Red Flags of Breastmilk Over-Production after the Postpartum period

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Module 08 - Almost “Term” (36 Weeks)

  • What you need to Know & Do at 36 week’s gestation including: Defining “good fetal movements”, Sleeping on your side, Mucous Bloody Shows, Waters Breaking (and Meconium-stained liquor), Knowing when to contact your Midwife/Obstetrician, Knowing when to present at Birthing Suite in established Active Labor, Skin-to-skin, and First Breastfeed
  • Appropriately dressing a Neonate vs Non-Motile Baby vs Motile Baby
  • Sleep Baby Sleep – normal infant sleep cycles over the first year, plus Kathy’s top 13 Tips to teaching your baby to become a great sleeper.
  • Kathy’s 10 Golden Rules to successful Infant Sleep
  • Signs & Symptoms of recognizing a Tired Baby vs Over-Tired Baby
  • Postnatal Depression – Overview of real Causes and real Cures
  • Postnatal Days 3-4 – What you need to Know & Do when your Baby is half-a-week old: Neonatal Wellbeing incl of vigorous productive suckling, increasing wet nappies, transitional stools, recognizing the difference between mild/moderate/severe bilirubin Jaundice, maternal home management of moderate physiological Jaundice, medical hospital management of pathological severe Jaundice. Maternal Wellbeing incl “the Blues” ending and milk arriving, Postbirth physical examinations, Self-care & confidence, Signs & Symptoms of Postpartum infections, and Breastfeeding lactation advice.
  • Postnatal Days 5-7 – What you need to Know & Do when your Baby is nearly One Week Old: Neonatal Wellbeing incl detailed examination repeating checks of body length, head circumference, reflexes and fraenulum (tongue-tie), newborn weight-loss management (audible swallows of milk transfer), Pacifiers, and On-demand vs Scheduled feeding routines. Maternal Wellbeing incl uterine fundus involution, lochia discharge (rubra/serosa/alba), uterine placental wound-site healing, sutures healing (perineum/C-section), and Breasts (Lactogenesis-II, sore nipples).

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Module 09 - Fully “Term” (Pre-EDD 37-40 weeks)

  • What you need to Know & Do at 37-40 week’s gestation including: Reviewing signs & symptoms of normal and abnormal Labor, overviewing the ways to naturally trigger Labor, reminding about the three things for Mother and one thing for Baby that are the “essential must takes” to Birthing Suite.
  • Normal/Abnormal Baby Cries including Hungry, Tired, Teething, Unwell, Lactose-intolerance, Cow’s Milk-Protein allergy, Gastro-oesophageal reflux, Colic
  • Postnatal Day 10-14 – What you need to Know & Do when your Baby is nearing Two Weeks Old: Neonatal Wellbeing incl return to Birth Weight, 8-11+ Wet Diapers daily, frequent/infrequent stools, 200g-300g+ weekly weight gains (7oz-10oz+), and general feeding/behavioural/crying patterns. Maternal Wellbeing incl normotensive BP, Fundus no longer palpable, Lochia reduced to alba, sutured wounds healing (and what to do when they’re not), traumatised nipples improving, assessing PND risk, Kegels pelvic-floor exercises. Plus what is ‘normal’ at this stage for Mother-Baby bonding interaction.
  • Postnatal Day 18-21 – What you need to Know & Do when your Baby is nearing Three Weeks Old: Neonatal Wellness incl another detailed neonatal exam by Health Professional, Hearing screen, Vaccination info overview, baby’s Feeding-Sleeping patterns, OH BABY book’s Infant Sleep chapter with its 12 Golden Rules, 12 Magical Secrets and 20 Do’s & Don’ts. Maternal Wellness incl Breastfeeding successfully establishing, womb involuted, suture wounds healed, confidence with expressing/storing breastmilk, cervical pap smear reminder, Rubella/Chickenpox vaccine discussion, post-Gestational Diabetes GTT, Contraception options, Community support, and feeling safe from FV.
  • Kathy’s Five Best Ways to Fix New-Motherhood Isolation
  • Kathy’s Mother’s Little Helpers: Brain-boosters to elevate your spirits, including Gotu kola, False unicorn root, Chaste tree berries, Shatavari, St John’s wart, Ginkgo biloba, Siberian ginseng, 5-HTP, Panx ginseng, Evening primrose oil, Flaxseed/linseed, & Damiana.

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Module 10 - Fully “Term” (Post-EDD 40-42 weeks)

  • What you need to Know & Do at 40-42 week’s gestation including: Good fetal movement patterns, Postdate BPP ultrasound scan, CTG traces, “Stretch & Sweep” vaginal exams, and Post-date Induction process at42-weeks.
  • Postnatal Day 28-30 – What you need to Know & Do when your Baby is a Month Old: Neonatal Wellness incl feeding, sleeping & behavioural patterns, Tummy-time, Over-stimulation, Milestones, and the Van de Rijt & Plooij explanations of the cranky-clingy phases. Maternal Wellness including concluding relationship with your private Doula/Midwife/Obstetrician.
  • Postnatal Exercise, including the three essential exercises before returning to the Gym
  • How to Diagnose & Treat primary and secondary infections of Nappy-Rash and infantile Eczema.
  • Ways to reduce side-effects of vaccine immunization common adverse reactions
  • Breast-Weaning – is there ever a “right” time to start Formula?
  • Uterosexuality & Motherhood, and how they interconnect

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Find out what others are saying about MotherWise's Kathy Fray

Kathy is an absolutely amazing person: her skills and knowledge helped us have 2 wonderful pregnancies and births, and we are so grateful to her for helping us on our journey to parenthood. She deals with the whole person including physical and emotional needs, and we learnt so much from her.

Fiona B.

Kathy’s consultative support was life transformational and my husband and I have huge deep respect for her. Kathy’s seeming ‘bottomless pit’ of wisdom in helping us with our daughter, resulted in absolutely positively changing our lives drastically for the better, from the information we got from her. We will forever be grateful to her.

Tania H.

This gift is to acknowledge the immense light you bring to your chosen path. You are so generously dedicated to companioning us mothers through one of the most transformative experiences in our lives. Thank you for your wisdom, compassion, lightness & brightness and for sharing your experience so skilfully.

Meaghan & Cass

We just want to say thank you for all your expertise and support through my pregnancy, birth and first weeks at home. There really aren’t words to express our gratitude for all you did … During my pregnancy I felt well informed and empowered that it was really me doing it and making choices rather than being told what to do and what I couldn’t do. Thank you very much.

Emily & Adrian

"It's like sitting down and having a cuppa with the fairy godmother of all things maternity! You are so knowledgeable and come across as totally approachable."

Sarah Molony

"We are so grateful that you kept things as natural as possible. It allowed me to have a positive birth experience, one different to the negative experiences of my friends."

Theresa & Garry

“We are eternally grateful for you giving us the best start in life as a new family and helping us grow our wings to fly solo.”

Mary and Nick

We want to say heaps of THANK YOU for giving us reassurance and sharing your wisdom of parenting and pregnancy exactly when we were unsure what to do. Your calm, easy going and confident and highly professional support is amazing and beyond all compliments! …Thank you so much for your tremendous help and support.

Tanya & Vlad

Thank you for your wonderful support and guidance throughout my pregnancy, birth and first weeks with our baby. It’s been a truly fabulous journey! We are deeply grateful for all you did … thank you for your amazing expertise and care, which boosted our confidence, so it turned out so much easier!

Renee & Vin

We just want to say a HUGE THANK YOU!! Thank you so much for everything. Your expertise, your knowledge, your gentleness, and your words of confidence you gave me on this rollercoaster journey.

Gill & Juan

Thank you so very much for all your guidance & support, it was a huge part of being so confident & comfortable in the decision to attempt a VBAC & WE DID IT!!! Wow! I’m still relieving every moment of our journey … all a little surreal! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!

Lara R

Thank you so much for all your help and support and guidance during my pregnancy. Thank you so much for your knowledge, expertise and reassurance … I felt so much more relaxed during my pregnancy and during labour.

Sam G

We want to thank you for all of your support, care and advice throughout our pregnancy … We had the most amazing birth experience and are so grateful to you for guiding us through it.

Lisa M

Thank you so much for all your help, guidance and support … It was the most amazing experience – you are an amazing lady and I really appreciate you. Thank you.

Fozia B

You’re the bomb!! Thanks for all your expertise … was an awesome, crazy experience.

Capryce H

Words truly cannot express how thankful we are to you for the amazing role you played … I feel extremely blessed to have had you … I will be forever grateful!

Hana & Mitch

I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your amazing abilities … You helped me in so many ways to deliver two very special babies.

Louise P

Thank you for all the help! Support and advice you give me during my pregnancy. I feel your input made my pregnancy an unforgettable experience and would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart. Again, thank you for everything!


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